Prevent ID Theft

Perfect For:
Credit Card Issuers
Add your company logo and address. Multiple colors to choose from. Hot stamp with metal foil and really stand out.

Front view with Card

The "Peek-a-Bye"

Credit Card Security Sleeve

Rear view with Card

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This unique patent pending device offers the following benefits

Limits viewing card to essential information

Security and Ease of use for end user Just slip it on.

"Unique Design" offers promotional space

Easy manufacture using existing technology and equipment

Affordable for every business

The design of the "Peek-A-Bye" security sleeve allows it to slip over a credit card. It will still allow a consumer to use their card in standard card readers while maintaining visual security of the card. The strategically placed windows on the front of the card allow the merchant to verify required information for the purchase. The transparent rear panel allows access to verify the cardholder signature. Adequate space is still available on the front of the card for promotional material. The depth of the sleeve leaves the magnetic strip exposed to facilitate use in standard card readers.

Available in a variety of standard colors

Vinyl Stamp

Grey -Royal Blue -Navy Blue -Red - Kelly Green Black

White - Black - Blue - Silver - Gold

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